Monday, February 12, 2007

Just when you thought it was safe to go back in the bathroom ...

For some time, the bathroom at the office building where girl2 and I work has featured signs like this one, both inside the stalls and on the bathroom walls, telling employees to remember that their mamas don't work here.

Damn right no lady would leave her stall untidy!

Nor could she resist ripping down the signs as soon as they went up. Why? Is it the overly formal lingo that euphemistically calls peeing on the toilet seat "slovenly behavior"? Is it that removing those signs feels like an act of rebellion against company incursions into her private life? Is it that she knows the men's room has no such signs? Hard to say.

But it has become clear that the anonymous sign-maker has both PowerPoint and an unwavering commitment to bathroom cleanliness on his or her side. As soon as a sign is torn down, a new one is put up in its place. And not just the same sign, printed out again. No! A brand new sign with different clip art and ultra-clever phrasing. But always the same message. To which I say ... fight on brave warrior ... fight on.

Though if you are responsible for the "air fresheners" that look like a gelatinous blue sea creature living in a tub near the sink ... I'm not touching those.

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