Tuesday, February 01, 2011

AlternaWorld: THE RULES

Inspired by a viewing of Fringe and some dude throwing the idea out there, I've decided that February is Parallel Universe Month. And what better way to celebrate Parallel Universe Month than to dust off that most beloved of all novella formats: the choose-your-own adventure!

SO. Here's how it will work (sorry - this isn't choose-your-own rules):

1. I'll describe the situation, adding a bunch of pictures to illustrate events, the mood, and protagonists more clearly (see below for an example):

2. At the end of the set-up, I'll provide several options for actions that could occur next. For example:

3. Leave a comment at the end of the post telling me which path you would prefer to continue down

4. I will provide the next installment at a time and place of my choosing - possibly months later, if history is any indication

Note: In the long and storied history of this blog, girl2 and I have received a grand total of SIX COMMENTS, so as you might imagine, this whole scenario is going to present a gigantic and possibly unresolvable number of vote-tallying conflicts and challenges.