Saturday, April 02, 2011

Holy God

Why has this not yet been awarded the Nobel Peace Prize?

My Cat Blog

Okay, Girl2, the gauntlet has been thrown. Do you really want your good name to be associated with a cat-centric microblog vanity project that's slathered with a thick layer of crudely drawn cartoons?

Do you want this to become the kind of blog that's found using the search terms "ketchup raptor" and "cat brain xray"?

Okay then. Time to take the reins and get this ship back on course.

But please - avoid mixed metaphors if you can - that's really my purview.

Friday, April 01, 2011

The Meowginot Line

So after my last post, I was trying to figure out what a cat world war would look like. This came up mostly because I was waiting for pizza to be delivered and was trying to keep my mind off of the fact that I was 100% ravenous. Also, my cat had stolen a roll of toilet paper from the bathroom and shredded it in the hallway, so it was moderately topical.

I wrote the post the way I typically do - by first sending an email to myself describing the topic and then replying to myself.

 > On Mar 30, 2011, at 7:39 PM, girl1 wrote:
>> Cat world war!

> On Mar 30, 2011, at 7:41 PM, girl1 wrote:
>> "I've got nine lives, b**ches!"
>> with cat shooting up a bunker with WWII era gun - tommy gun?
>> I think only bank robbers use tommy guns. And can you even shoot up a bunker?
>> Clearly I know nothing about war. Will have to google.

> On Mar 30, 2011, at 7:43 PM, girl1 wrote:
>> Rename a bunch of WWII battles with "meow" or "fur" or "purr" in them.
>> Meowginot Line? Hm - not a battle, but that's all I can think of right now.

And so on. It just gets weirder and more tasteless from there. But what's weirder and more tasteless than brainstorming with yourself over email about cartoon cats going nuclear? Please note: I'm not actually looking for an answer to that question.

What it all comes down to is this: it's harder than you might think to draw a cat fighting a war. AND come up with a tagline for the picture that doesn't include too many multisyllabic words. AND make the end result even moderately amusing. God, it's hard having a hobby blog.

The good news was that the pizza arrived here so late, they gave it to us for free.