Wednesday, August 25, 2010

The Death Spiral

I haven’t been posting a lot recently, which I know is pretty sad for all three and a half of my readers. I am counting myself in that total, by the way, but I wasn't sure I could really count my cat as a reader just because he has his own profile on Facebook. I know he'd read me if he weren't so busy with Farmville though, so he's the half. MRRRROOOWWWW!

Whatever. I’ve been pretty busy lately, and I don’t deal well with things like “stuff I have to do” and “work”.

I liken this type of unwanted responsibility to a lightning bolt hitting an airplane. In these situations, I have a kind of a mental autopilot that takes over and directs my behavior. Unfortunately, I don’t think my autopilot realizes that it’s supposed to be helpful rather than destructive. So my life becomes an out-of-body experience in which I watch myself do increasingly stupid things that I’m powerless to stop.

Sometimes - like today - I do get caught in the death spiral. Which ends up being a good thing - at least blog-posting-wise, but a bad thing in terms of, say, career progression. Most days, though I manage to wrest back control somewhere during the viewing of bad TV (though strangely never early enough to prevent the spending of money) and do whatever dreaded thing it is that I've been avoiding. Sad, really!