Friday, April 30, 2010

Doubling Down

Owning a tivo has its pros and cons. on the plus side, no commercials! On the other hand, I had to hear about the KFC Double Down from a friend.

When I got the news, I had all the expected reactions:

I pointed out to my fiance last night that KFC must have tried to invent the most outrageous thing they could while still making sure it had some semblance of food. And that presented us with a challenge. So I asked him if he could come up with something EVEN worse.

At first he didn't really get the spirit of my question and started suggesting unprintable things.

"No", I interrupted - "you have to make it something that you could actually sell as food."

“Okay,” he replied. And thought silently for a second. We both tried to imagine something that you could bring home from 7-11 and eat cold the next morning.

“I know!" he said. "Take a chicken breast, coat it in a thick layer of mayonnaise, and wrap it in a parchment bag!”

He even named it, so I've included some theoretical advertising here:

Note the intentional lack of branding. Look: all I’m saying is - Popeye's, I'm looking at you. And since I've gone to the trouble of making the case for it here, I expect to receive the lion's share of the profits.

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