Tuesday, August 01, 2006

Birth of a Blog

The following (nearly complete) transcript follows the harrowing, painful labor that brought our little dream into the world ...

girl1: what are we going to talk about on our blog?
girl2: maybe we should have a few themes
girl1: yes
girl2: let's brainstorm!
girl2: pop culture
girl2: work
girl2: funny daily stories and rants
girl1: personal life is out, since we have none
girl2: we can have a place holder
girl2: or like 1,004 days and girl2 still hasn't gone out on a date
girl1: you mean we're not devoting this to my cat?
girl2: so….
girl2: our tone?
girl2: self-effacing
girl2: caustic
girl2: insightful
girl1: yes
girl2: yes
girl2: we could create a thermometer
girl2: a status on our lives
girl1: ok!
girl2: we could post our conversations on various topics
girl1: yes!
girl1: but we will have to mask our names
girl2: yes
girl2: i don't want to piss anyone off or get fired
girl1: that would be bad
girl1: like washingtonienne
girl2: it could turn into one of those "my best friend stole my diary" scenarios
girl2: and i already have so few friendsgirl1: i am very secretive
girl2: what else
girl2: frankly, i am doing all the brainstorming here
girl1: i know
girl1: i hate brainstorming
girl1: i just let everyone else take over
girl1: and then reject things
girl2: i see that
girl2: so what ideas do you like so far
girl1: (a) convos between us
girl2: yes
girl1: (b) news [out - boring]
girl2: ok
girl1: (c) funny daily stories and rants
girl1: (d) pop culture
girl1: (e) work
girl1: (f) status of lives
girl1: ummmmm ....
girl1: what else?
girl1: i want to include the signs from the bathroom
girl1: but that would easily out us
girl2: we could post this exchange
girl1: i think we should
girl2: as the birth
girl1: the birth of the blog!
girl2: we are so good
girl1: we really are
girl1: even though everyone else reading it will be bored
girl2: but
girl1: yes?
girl2: can we clean up my spelling?
girl1: no
girl2: i have a reputation
girl1: for what? bad spelling?
girl1: yes, you do
girl2: we did the unbelievable
girl1: what?
girl2: we have legitimized our IM addiction
girl1: ha!
girl2: i wish we still had the picture of the lady pointing at you while you take a crapper
girl2: maybe i still have it
girl1: okay ... so i like the life thermometer or whatever it is idea
girl1: i think it's about work and life
girl2: ok
girl1: weird things
girl2: ok
girl1: whatever
girl1: are we closer?
girl1: i'm sure it will evolve over time
girl1: like all good things
girl2: this is going to be the modern girl's version of waiting for godot
girl1: yes
girl1: exactly
girl2: I LIKE IT
girl1: ME TOO
girl2: can i pretend i am not 31?
girl1: you can pretend to be however old you want to be
girl1: you are 24
girl2: thanks
girl2: 27 was my best year
girl1: fine
girl1: oh, btw
girl2: yes
girl1: we will have to edit out any snarky comments about our friends in our IM exchange
girl2: yes, yes
girl2: we will edit
girl2: BUT
girl2: that includes spelling
girl1: yes
girl1: okay
girl1: fine
girl1: that includes your spelling
girl2: we will title it birth of a blog
girl1: i love that we had that long conversation just to say this is a blog about nothing
girl2: perfect really
girl1: i know
girl2: but
girl1: yes?
girl2: i still need a cookie
girl2: i guess i have an apple
girl2: close enough
girl1: i think you're substituting cookie for something else
girl2: probably

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